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Tweet February 8, 2016: https://t.co/h71MFA3okf

New album by Olanda In Due out now.

We issued the first album of our duo Olanda In Due, with Bo Van de Graaf on saxes. Including tunes by musicians such as Guiseppe Verdi, Nico Haak and Billie Holiday. Recorded live at the NovaraJazz Festival this summer.

Click here to find out how to order and hear samples of the tunes.

Recording new eBraam material

This summer eBraam will make recordings of the music I've written for the multidisciplinary production "The Extraordinary Love Story of Aye Aye and Fedor". This production, after Ana Isabel Ordonez' children's book will be staged in NYC in 2016 and the music serves as a basis for dance. We also want to make a music-only version of the nine tunes. So far we've provisionally recorded the first rehearsal only and several of the tunes were aired by VPRO's radio 6 show "Vrije Geluiden" but now we are preparing a real production in high-end sound quality and a video to go along with it.

First performance Nos Otrobanda!

February 5, 2015, at BReBL, Nijmegen, this trio played its first concert. You can check out several tunes of that concert on SoundCloud.


In this brand-new band I play together with bass player Aty de Windt and latin percussionist André Groen. With Nos Otrobanda we concentrate on Antillean music, especially waltzes. I hear this music for like 26 years now and all of those years I wanted to do something with the music myself. It took me this long to grasp the nettle. I transcribed the music from 2 elpees of Curaçao pianist Edgar Palm and we are also very grateful to Joop Halman of the Palm Music Foundation for his contributions. I find especially the constant danceable friction between binary and ternary rhythm in this music very intriguing.This year (Bas Andriessen filmed our somewhat ill at ease first rehearsal) we worked on the material, in which process Aty not only provided a relaxed swing in his role as our bass player but also learned us about the essentials of Antillean music. It has been quite some time ago since I played Latin-American music. We must go way back to 1997, when I played, after being a member of that band for eight years, my last gig with the European Danzón Orchestra. It is truly delicious to play Latin music again, this time with Nos Otrobanda.

eBraam new program

After our last journey to the far east, our trip to South Korea, we will be travelling to New York. Preperations are being made for a performance we do in cooperation with choreographer Virginie Mécène. It will be based on Ana Isabel Ordonez's children's novel 'The Extraordinary Love Story of Aye Aye and Fedor' and contain not only dance and music, but also fine art, video and narration (by Dean Bowman). I will keep you posted on developments.

New Website Online

Welcome to our new website! About 10 times faster now, and working not only on competers but also on tablets, telephones and so forth. Info, reviews, concert dates, photos, videos, music samples, a shop, news items and how to contact us is all included. Thanks to Sjors of &Braam Super Sexy Web Development!

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