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Tweet December 14, 2014: Off to Bergen for our Flex Bent Braam concert "Lucebert" 3PM. Looking forward! With Angelo, Oleg, Joosts, Tony, Bart. http://t.co/qKpXMKRfWj

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Welcome to our new website! About 10 times faster now, and working not only on competers but also on tablets, telephones and so forth. Info, reviews, concert dates, photos, videos, music samples, a shop, news items and how to contact us is all included. Thanks to Sjors of &Braam Super Sexy Web Development!




I'm having a sabbaticette at the moment. That means no concerts have been booked between now and sometime during the winter. I am preparing the activities that will take place from 2015 on:

- My new trio Nos Otrobanda learning the music of a few Edgar Palm albums by heart and figuring out what to do with that;

- Rehearsing and recording the music for to be played Autumn 2015 by eBraam in a performance on nature including art, choreography, music, video and narration;

- Figuring out what to do to celebrate 25 years of Trio BraamDeJoodeVatcher in december 2015;

- Ceaselessly booking the successful Flex Bent Braam Lucebert program.


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All the best, Michiel.

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