Roode Bioscoop

June 5, 6 and 7 Michiel will play at Roode Bioscoop.

The last time Michiel played there was in 2000, also 3 days in a row, a play called "Humeuren en Temperamenten", after Gerrit Komrij's lovely book. 90 emotions are sketched in that book.
Braam loves lists.

During these 3 nights Michiel will characterize 50 spheres, moods and others in piano improvisations of 50 seconds. Visitors have been providing the titles. See below.

After these solo's Michiel will play a set with a different guest every night.

5 june | Bo van de Graaf.
Film music such as Last Tango In Paris and improvisations by this duo "Olanda in Due".
Solo pieces:
Assemblagehal (Assembly Hall)
Buideldas (Bandicoot)
Dwarsverbanden (Linkages)
Eisenbahnknotenpunkthinundherschieber (Railway Junction Back-And-Forth Slider)
Grafschrift (Epitaph)
Gratie (Grace)
Hongeo (Hongeo)
Mededogen (Compassion)
Ondoorzichtigheid (Opacity)
Parallelverkoop (Parallel Sales)
Rampzaliger (More Disastrous)
Schadenfreude (Glee)
Spraakzaamheid (Loquacity)
Vlakschuurmachine (Sander)
Washandje (Washcloth)
Ijsheiligen (Ice Saints)
Zanzibar (Zanzibar)

The other 2 night Michiel will improvise with musicians he never played with before.

6 juni | Jeroen Pek.
Flute player Jeroen Pek is very active in the European Jazz scene. His personal timbre and enrgetic and dynamic style are unique. “Pek is a passionate story teller; in turns conjuring up, powerful, warm and breezy. This band is a coherent and compact unit“ (
Solo pieces:
Bellenblazen (Blowing Bubbles)
Ex (Ex)
Flapdrol (Flap-turd)
Gipsvlucht (Gypsum Flight)
Leugenachtigheid (Mendacity)
Liefde (Love)
Minkukel (Loser)
Nee (Nope)
Ons (Us)
Pittig (Racy)
Quadrillethee (Quadrille Tea)
Rindfleischetikettierungsüberwachungsaufgabenübertragungsgesetz (Beeflabelingsupervisiontasktransferlaw)
Rötzentötz (Rötzentötz)
Vagevuur (Purgatory)
Verrassingsorgasme (Surprise Orgasm)
Verwonderlijk (Wondrous)
Vloeistofdia (Psychedelic Slide)

7 juni | Robert Biesewig.
Biesewig surely is one of the most powerful hiphop drummers from the Netherlands. Works with artists like Glennis Grace, Ali B, Lange Frans, Candy Dulfer and Sabrina Stark. His grooves are delicious and will be present tonight, as a beginning of several improvisations.
Solo pieces:
Aforisme (Aphorism)
Arrrggghhh (Arrrggghhh)
Beperking (Restriction)
Carambole (Cannon)
Fado (F-C)
Gewauwel (Drivel)
Levendigheid (Vivacity)
Lichtslank (Lightly Slim)
Maakbaarheidscoëfficiënt (Manufacturability Coefficient)
Onderdompeling (Immersion)
Ontslag (Release)
Poezewoefke (Sweetie)
Regelneef (Busybody)
Strafslag (Penalty Stroke)
Syzygie (Syzygy)
Warhoofd (Flibbertigibbet)

Fifty 50

On the 17th May Michiel Braam will be honoured with a festival to celebrate his 50th birthday. Colleagues (both national as international) will gather in de Lindenberg in Nijmegen celebrating the versatile musical career of Michiel Braam. There will be concerts of the BijmaBraam 6tet, the Matangi String quartet, eBraam and trio BraamDeJoodeVatcher. Between sets there will be improvising sets culminating in a Grand Final in which Michiel Braam has a Carte Blanche. Tickets are available at the Lindenberg.

Participating musicians:
Peter van Bergen – sax, jan Willem van der Ham - bassoon, Michael Vatcher - drums, Frank Gratkowski – sax and clarinet, Carl Ludwig Hübsch - tuba, Angelo verploegen - trumpet, Eric Boeren - cornet, Bart van der Putten - sax, Peter Haex - euphonium, Wolter Wierbos - trombone, Frans Vermeerssen - sax, Dirk-Peter Kölsch - drums, Pieter Douma – bass guitar, Wilbert de Joode – double bass, Joost Lijbaart - drums, Greetje Bijma - vocals, Fred van Duynhoven - drums, Maria-Paula Majoor - violin, Karsten Kleijer – viola, Daniel Torrico Menacho - violin, Arno van der Vuurst - cello and off course Michiel Braam on piano

Flex Bent Braam: New album 'Lucebert'

The album 'Lucebert' was released in Octobre. With this album Michiel Braam presents his newest ensemble Flex Bent Braam. The ensemble and the new album were presented to the public by the end of october when a tour started. The new album can be bought in our web store. Here, you can also listen to some samples of the album 'Lucebert'.
When Simon Vinkenoog in 1965 asked eleven fellow writers to comment on “De beweging van de vijftigers” Lucebert, a jazz lover, replied writing a telegram with a listing of jazz standards: Hot House, Dizzy Atmosphere (Misty), When Your Lover Has Gone (Get Out Of Town), Straight No Chaser, I May Be Wrong (So What), Let's Cool One, Better Git It In Your Soul and Stratus Seekers. For the 'Lucebert' program Michiel Braam will arrange these jazz standards and write new compositions, inspired by Lucebert's Japanese epigrams.
Together with the album a book 'Lucebert & Jazz' is released by publisher 'Huis Clos'. The Flex Bent Braam album is part of this book. The book contains texts from and about 'Lucebert' and pictures by Pieter Boersma.

Line up:
Michiel Braam (piano/compositions) Oleg Hollmann (reeds), Bart van der Putten (reeds), Angelo Verploegen (trumpet), Wolter Wierbos (trombone), Tony Overwater (double bass), Joost Lijbaart (drums)

eBraam in Korea

eBraam has been invited to perform at the Jarasum Jazz festival in Seoul. This festival took place at the beginning of october. Besides the festival several performances have been planned at jazz clubs and the ensemble was interviewed on Korean televison. In Chuncheon eBraam performed with musicians that play traditional Korean music. It was a lovely encounter! Keep an eye on our website and facebook for an update and perhaps some videos.

“A great, great one”

These are the opening words for a review of the eBraam “3” album by Beppe Colli of Being spoiled with positive reviews for our music, we still were delighted to read this fantastic review on the new album. Click here to read the full review yourself.

Braam on radio and television

Thursday April 11th Michiel Braam was interviewed by Aad van Nieuwkerk (VPROJazzLive) on eBraam and the new album "3". You can watch this interview on YouTube.

October 6th 2011 the Concertzender broadcasted a special on the Hybrid album “On the move”. The radio show also featured Bik Bent Braam and Trio BraamDeJoodeVatcher.

December 1th 2011 and January 5th 2012 the Concertzender did a 25 jaar Bik Bent Braam special.

eBraam New Album “3”

eBraam released its third album “3”, inspired by Soft Machines album Third! The theme “3” pops up in the compositions in which triads, thirds, waltzes and Pythagorean theorem are used. On “3” eBraam combines improvisations with a mixture of jazz, funk and seventies rock. Influences of Soft Machine, Ten Years After and George Duke can be heard throughout the music.

Included on the album is a song by Hugh Hopper, “A Certain Kind”.

Line-up: Pieter Douma (bass guitar), Dirk-Peter Kölsch (drums) and Michiel Braam (keys).

Please visit our webshop buy the cd and to listen to some samples of this great new album

B Braam

Become a member of B Braam!
Stichting Bik Bent Braam supports the music of Michiel Braam. You can also support Michiel Braam by becoming a member of B Braam. You can subscribe to a membership for only 50 euro's a year. Members receive the quarterly Braam newsletter, a CD from the Braam catalogue plus unique, members-only quarterly downloads with music of Michiel Braam.
To subscribe you can send an e-mail to

"It's a knock-out"

The album 'On the move' is well received. Roger Levesque from 'The Edmonton Journal' calls the album a “knock-out”.

Bik Bent Braam: Exit tour

Michiel founded Bik Bent Braam while he was still a student at the ArtEZ Conservatorium in Arnhem. Meanwhile the “big band” exists for 25 year and Michiel has announced that 2012/2013 will be the last years in which Bik Bent Braam will perform in its current set-up. Time to say goodbye?

Michiel Braam on Bik Bent Braam:
When I founded Bik Bent Braam 25 years ago it was a more traditional big band: all pieces were composed almost completely on forehand and it was me who determined the way and the sequence in which the pieces were played. When you ask me to describe the current Bik Bent Braam in just one word, it would be "flexibility". Little is known on forehand: the pieces that will be played, the order in which they will be played are different every time we perform. Each mucisian has an equal contribution to the ensemble.

Flexibility plays an inportant role in all of my music. But working in that way with such a large group of musicians is a big challenge. All of them are great musicians who love to be adventurous. They have been playing together for a long time and are completely tuned in to each other. It is very inspiring to be the composer for such a large group of musicians and such a variety of instruments. I can go in each direction when writing music for the Bik Bent Braam: more traditional, a nice melody or let it all go.

You could state that now it is time to take a next step. To let go of yet another certainty. I have the intention to keep performing with an ensemble of this size but in a more flexible set-up. The pool of musicians will change with every new program. It a choice to add more flexibility and more openness.

But first I need to write new compositions for 'Exit', the farewell program of Bik Bent Braam. To challenge the musicians I'll only write the beginning for half of the pieces, and only the ending for the other half of the pieces in the program. The musicians need to fill in the rest. This is something that you can only do with an ensemble in which the musians are very familiar with each other.

'Exit', the farewell tour of Bik Bent Braam took place January and February 2012, and still a few concert will happen this, and next season.

Braam on radio and tv

On thursday october 6th 2011 the Concertzender broadcasted a special about Michiel Braam with excerpts from the latest Cd Hybrid 10tet On the Move.

VPROJazzLive recorded the concert on September 29th 2011 of Trio BraamDeJoodeVatcher in the Bimhuis Amsterdam. The concert was broadcasted on November 23th 2011.

On December 1th and January 5th the Concertzender broadcasted shows of Bik Bent Braam to promote their Exit Tour.

The programs made by expert Bas Andriessen devoted to Michiel Braam for Nijmegen 1 TV channel are still online. The program marks the 50th broadcast of Andriessen's cultural programme “De Muzen” (The Muses) and can be viewed on internet.

Braam on YouTube

On YouTube you can watch several excerpts of concerts by Michiel Braam:

Hybrid 10 tet 7 april 2011: Cuba Munster Duitsland
Hybrid 10 tet 18 april 2011: Wilhelmina Eindhoven

You can still watch older Youtube files:

UITmarkt zo 29 augustus 2010 - TrioBraamDeJoodeVatcher Quartet feat. Greetje Bijma
North Sea Jazz 2010 - 'Sushi-interview' Michiel Braam
North Sea Jazz 2010 - Trio BraamDeJoodeVatcher feat. Louis Sclavis

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